Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A boring night turns into a victory

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She sat there, all cuddled up in sweatpants, a hoodie, fuzzy socks, and a big fluffy blanket that warmed her in happiness. The room was filled with silence; only the murmur of the heater turning on created a calming and soothing mood. The candlelight flickering on the coffee table was her only company. Nights like these, without her roommates, brought the right peace that allowed her to finally relax and finish her homework.
Suddenly the moment is disturbed as the roommates and their friends magically get off work early and ruin everything. They turn-on all the lights, turn the TV on to ESPN, and take over a perfectly nice evening. She was really enjoying the night and felt disappointment to have it ruined in less than ten minutes. Had her boyfriend, one of the roommates, not brought her a Jimmy John’s sub and some curly fries from Arby’s, two of her favorite things, she would have lost it. They both knew they could count on food to calm her down instantly and make her smile.

She then realized that they came home for the Chiefs vs. Raiders game! She became immediately pumped to watch. Her boyfriend was from California and is a die-hard Raiders fan; she also hated the Chiefs so naturally they were the only two in the room cheering for them to win. The Raiders won over the Chiefs and it turned an awesome night turned to a crappy night then turned to an amazing night

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Student arrives late, like usual (Edited)

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Edited by: Jenn Funk

She glanced down at her phone and realized her first class started five minutes ago. Once again, she was going to be late.

If it weren’t for the horrendous morning she just had, she may have made it to class on time. She had set the alarm on her phone to go off at 8:15 a.m. That gave her 45 minutes to complete her morning routine, which was plenty of time. However, she woke up on her own that morning and abruptly learned that her alarm never went off. It was now 8:45 a.m. While jumping out of bed, she wondered what went wrong. Did she accidentally set her phone on silent? Was there a problem with her phone? After rechecking the time she had set for the alarm, she found that it was her mistake. Her alarm was set for 8:15, but 8:15 p.m. instead of a.m. like she had intended.

She rushed to get ready after mistake No. 1 that morning. Clothes were frantically being thrown around her room as she tried getting dressed while combing her hair. As she got ready to leave, she hoped she looked at least half-decent because she didn’t have the time to glance at herself in the mirror.

That’s when she stumbled across mistake No. 2. She had lost her shoe. One shoe was on, but the other was nowhere to be found. Her pesky dog possessed a bad habit of stealing shoes and hiding them wherever he pleased. While silently scorning her pet she searched under her bed and the couch. Finally, she spotted her missing shoe behind the door. While tempted to yell at the dog, she knew she had only herself to blame and sprinted out the door instead.

After checking the time, maybe she would only be a little late after all. It was 8:55 a.m. and she knew that if she could make the drive to school quicker, she would make it to class sooner than expected.  That assumption was mistake No. 3 because she didn’t foresee was that every single stoplight would turn red upon her arrival. This caused her to be stuck in the middle of morning traffic. Her hands moved up and down the steering wheel anxiously and she muttered "c'mon, c'mon, c'mon".

When she finally turned into the school parking lot, she took a deep breath. Her clock said 8:59 a.m. She was late, but not too late.

Her next task was to find a parking spot. Mistake No. 4 was hoping that she could find a close one. On the days when she actually did arrive on time, it was still nearly impossible. She quickly circled the parking lot for the first time, desperately looking out her window at every parking stall. Every spot was taken. She circled once more; this time more carefully searching to see if there were any available stalls she may have missed before. Nothing.

Reluctantly, she decided to park in a different lot that was farther away. Only there, was she able to finally find a spot. She swerved into the stall, coming to a screeching halt. It was 9:05 a.m. and she knew that she would not only be late, but really late. Her day was not off to a good start. She jumped out of her car, grabbed her bag and sprinted to class.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Student Media Experience -- please comment on this post

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

A night when from awesome, to crappy, to amazing all in one hour

              As I sit here all cuddled up and warm in my sweatpants, a hoodie, fuzzy socks, and a big fluffy blanket around me, I think of how wonderful my day just was. The heater just kicked on and mmm… it feels so warm and cozy. The room was filled with silence, the only thing I could hear was the heater turning on and it became a quite calming and soothing sound, especially at the moment. Thankfully I am the only one home and the only light around me some candles flickering on the coffee table. I love nights like this when my roommates are gone and I can do some homework in peace.

               Just out of nowhere my roommates and their friends magically get off work early and ruin everything. The first thing they do is turn on all the lights, and then turn the TV on to ESPN. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports, but I was really enjoying my quite time and it had just started, to then be ruined in less than ten minutes. The only thing that kept me from going insane was the fact that my boyfriend, one of my roommates, brought me a Jimmy John’s sub and some curly fries from Arby’s; two of my favorite things. He also brought me a Pepsi which is my favorite pop, or as he calls it, soda. I thought my night was completely ruined by them coming home and disrupting my peace but food can calm me down instantly and it always makes me smile.

                  I also then realized that they came home for the Chiefs vs. Raiders game that I forgot about and was super pumped to watch. My boyfriend is from California and is a die hard Raiders fan, and I’ve always hated the Chiefs so naturally we were the only two in the room cheering for them to win. What finally made my night the bomb was when the Raiders won over the Chiefs, for three reasons; the Raiders have sucked all year and this was their first win, I hate the Chiefs and watching all the fans post on Facebook about the game was hilarious, and my boyfriend won us $70 because of this game, which we highly intended to lose. So one awesome night turned to a crappy night then turned to an amazing night. 

Story by Megan Beck 

Mysterious knocks shock friends

Two best friends, Megan and Destiny, had a sleepover at Megan’s house. Her parents were out of town that night and they thought it was going great. The house sits back about 300 feet from any other house in their neighborhood next a grove of trees. It would have been the perfect setting for any horror story. They were watching The Hills Have Eyes, comfy and snuggled up on the couch. The movie got a little too scary for their liking and, being that they were alone, they decided to pause the movie. Besides, they were extremely hungry and macaroni and cheese with hotdogs in it sounded amazing at the moment. So they headed into the kitchen and started boiling some water while they chafed away about how they both were going to have nightmares. 

 Suddenly somebody or something knocked on the front door. Since they were home alone that was not something they wanted to hear, especially after watching The Hills Have Eyes. They were beyond freaked out and slowly walked to the front door to see who was there. They didn’t see anyone so they opened the door regardless of their fear. No one was there. Understandably even more freaked out, they went back to kitchen to finish their macaroni and cheese and hoped that nothing would happen.

A few minutes later they heard knocking at the door again. Now, beyond terrified, they both grabbed a knife and checked the door again. Once again no one was there. Luckily, Destiny lived up the street and had an older brother. She called him, explained the situation and told him he had to come get them immediately while Megan sat on the kitchen floor with a blanket over her head and a foot long knife in her hands, trying not to cry. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever, her brother came to the rescue and the girls sprinted as fast as they could to his car. While going down Megan’s mile long driveway they saw a man walk across the driveway heading towards the neighbor’s house. It crept all of them out and they were all glad to get out of there.

After a night of reminiscing about what had just happened to them Megan got a call from her parents. They asked if anything happened to them last night. She said yes and, as her heart rate increased, she asked them why they asked that. They replied that their neighbors were home alone too and heard someone messing around their house. The guy they saw walking across their driveway was one of their neighbors who was checking to make sure everything was alright. To this day no one knows who or what was knocking on their houses but it’s a night none of them will ever forget.