Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jamie and Salvador AP Sentences

Alcoholics anonymous ain't flying on alitalia airlines because they ain't going the the allegheny mtns.

Alphabet incorporated funded AL-qaida to produce all time aful andriods.

Archaeology Art works arrive in alabama on Auguust 7 at 9:30am.

I need a band aid befor i go to the Battleground States to declare bi-annual Betting Odds.

My bow-legged Big Brother buillt bonafide bookshelves.

The bride-groom broadcasted her wedding on broadway.

Six Sentences

Pro-lifers are expected by 3/4 of the african american demographic.

The boy who was 5 years old, wanted to go to the park.

the all time best airline is American airlines.

The patient at Storming-vail was declared brain dead.

I graduated with a bachelors of arts in journalism.

the burglar who broke-in was a brunette.


Soren and Lauren's A/B Sentances

The triple A worker did not except the elderly woman's AARP card when she crashed into a pole with her car. 

The admins told the student worker that she would be let go because she was also a student aid. 

Air canada told air china that they could no longer use their air-conditioned technology on their airplanes. 

The Baby Boomers blame the millennials for everything wrong with the united states.

The biennial meeting landed on a Tuesday this year. 

The company used off brand Bubble Wrap to ship their third party Band-Aids to South Africa. 


1. The Academy Awards attempted to accommodate front row seats for all the actors and actresses who assisted with the set up of the awards ceremony.
2. The actor got aggressive with the agent after alluding to his bad attitude being the reason he was arrested.
3. All alleged allegations were found admissible again the young an after officers acquired an anonymous tip led them to the actual killer.

1. The professional basketball player filed for bankruptcy months after Chicago Bulls broke contract with him.
2. The boy bought a bus ticket to the ballpark on Topeka Blvd.
3. The blonde-hair boy attends a bookclub bi-weekly with his brothers at the bar.

A's and B's

The atm wouldnt give me my money.

Reading the class syllabus is an ave. for success.

He was awestruck when he saw his quiz score.

The baby-sister is always late.

The girl backedup into her parents mailbox.

The news station reported a local outbreak of bed bugs.

R Squared sentences for corrections

1. She turned in her résumé for class in order to accomodate the requirement for her Bachelors of Art in Mass Media.

2. The AFT will hold its first annual conference Sept. 3 at 9 AM.

3. The american medical association will be meeting with Astronaut John Glenn, who flew in space on friendship 7 and Space Shuttle Discovery in 1962 and 1998 respectively.

1. "That's bologna," said a frustrated scoutmaster John in a meeting for troop 151 of the boy scouts of America.

2. The 20-year-old colored boy read the bible.

3. The police placed a bug on the brown-haired woman's phone.

Six Sentences for A & B

Kenzie & Lisa

1. She wanted to except the role as director of administration, but she couldn't find an Assis. to help her step into the role.

2. Any one person could anticipate receiving the role.

3. He had a great prank planned for April Fool's Day after his friend agreed to aide him.

4. His book titled "Bowlegged Ben" was a Best Seller.

5. She attempted to by-pass the bus, but the driver was messing around with some bubble-wrap.

6. The radio station broadcasted a bazaar podcast on Tuesday.
Hello, my name is Samantha Stanley. I am a mass media graduate with an emphasis in Creative Advertising. I have taken one year off of school and I thought that I was done for good. previously I went to school using my dads G. I. benefits, there were 9 more months of benefits left after I graduated. These benefits were supposed to be for my stepsisters schooling, but she has decided being a manager at Red Robin Restaurants will be more beneficial to her life. Since my stepbrother has no intent on going to school, I decided to not let these benefits go to waste. So here I am, learning more. I feel like I am starting all over again. I have forgotten all things editing related.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Julian Lamb

Hello, my name is Julian Lamb. I am a senior this year and I have decided to make my last year at Washburn a busy one. In between two jobs and 19 credit hours, I enjoy playing video games, listening to audio books, and watching shows on Netflix. I’m probably going to get either a dog or a cat next week so that is pretty neat. I am excited for this last fall semester. Go Bods!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Introduction Matt Boland

Hello my name is Matthew Boland, I am currently a junior here at Washburn University.  Some of my interests include movies, music and video games, basically all kinds of media.  I guess that would explain the mass media major.  My passion however has always been cars and probably will be until the day I check out.  Punctuation and editing have never been my strong suit, so hopefully this class doesn't destroy me.

Terry Richardson introduces himself.

Hello, my name is Terry Richardson. Currently I am employed as a welder at Ernest Spencer South in Topeka, Kansas. My passions include comedy, photography and heavy metal music festivals. As a member of the Mason Felt Comedy group, I have been performing sketch comedy for three years. I continually work towards improving my skills in photography. This summer I added several photos, two guitar picks and three shirts to my heavy metal memorabilia collection.


My name is Liandro Rodriguez and I am a Senior at Washburn. I'm pretty quiet, I don't really say much and I haven't experienced much in life. That's okay though I'm happy where I am now and I'm grateful for all the things I have. I like to play tennis and ride my bike around town. I would like to live in a small town some day, hopefully along a dirt road. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Hello, I'm Jordon Hoy, A big brother, assistant childcare provider, gym rat and part-time  music enthusiast. I live for high volumes of adrenaline especially when the pressure is on. Helping individuals convey a message through media is one of the things I enjoy doing the most.I'm looking forward to seeing what this class has to offer, as well receiving all the hands on experiences that I will gain.

"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else"

-Pablo Picasso

Lauren Kostusik's Intro

My name is Lauren Kostusik and I am an Overland Park native. I love spending time with my friends, family and my dog, Charlie! I would describe myself as being outgoing, creative, and kind. My interests are in the area of event planning, eventually becoming a wedding planner when I graduate. I love all things Mass Media!

Kenzie McCoy Awesome Intro!

I currently am the team leader for our Bod Magazine and Kaw Yearbook publications and I'm excited to make some attention-grabbing work!

When I'm not working, I am usually spending time with my family and boyfriend. I love shopping, especially for makeup, whenever I have the time. Except for this class, all off my classes this semester are online. I love taking online classes because I can work on things in my polka-dot pajamas.

Lisa Herdman, Introduction

My name is Lisa Herdman and I am in my fifth year at Washburn University. I am about to complete my English writing emphasis major and work on mass media journalism.

I currently work on the Washburn Review, and have for the past year. In the past I have worked as a reporter producing content, a managing online editor running online content and copy editing, and now as the Executive Managing Copy Editor.

Brenden's (not so) Interesting Intro

I’m Brenden Williams, a sophomore at Washburn who works both at the Washburn Review and at Texas Roadhouse. Despite being extremely lazy, I usually muster the energy to play basketball or do some type of physical activity every day and I also play five instruments; guitar, ukulele, drums, saxophone, clarinet and am learning piano. I hope to someday end up in New York as a political satirist, like Jon Stewart, the former Daily Show host.

Salvador Lopez Jr. Music Traveler

I am Salvador Lopez Jr., during the summer of 2016, I went to 12 concerts. The venues were located in Kansas City, Lawrence, Wichita, and Omaha. By the end of the summer, I thought I was going to be deaf! I was fortunate I didn’t have to drive to any of the shows. I learned that there is a distinct difference between the crowds that showed up depending on ticket price.

Jamie Schartz Dream Major

My name is Jamie, and I really wish I could major in Underwater Basket Weaving. This is because I like to collect semi-useless talents. Some of my other useless talents include whistling and panicking over hypothetical situations. If I could major in UBW, I would live somewhere tropical and just sit in the water all day, having staring contests with the fish. I have a collection of baskets woven underwater. They are my prized possessions.

Alyxis Bowens Introduction

Hello, my name is Alyxis Bowens. I am a senior in my last year of basketball here at Washburn. I know I will be a perfect fit in the sports industry. With my wide range of athletics, I have participated in I know I would be able to give some great insight with participating athletes. Still trying to figure out exactly what career and position I want.

Derek writes about space, transfers passion to others

I am a huge space geek. Anybody who knows me realizes this pretty quick. One of my aspirations is to transfer my passion to all those even remotely interested. I want to bridge the communications gap that exists between those that know nothing and the people who actually design, build and fly missions to explore the vastness of our Solar System. I currently write for SpaceFlight Insider and I run my own blog: Orbital Velocity.