Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Series of Unusual Events

Monday, September 19, started as any normal day would, but as the day progressed it became more and more interesting. The series of unusual events started as I drove home from class. A man was running down 21st Street, which is not so unusual, but it was his footwear, or lack thereof that caught my attention. He was running with no shoes, no socks, nothing but the bare soles of his feet, which at this point must have been as tough as leather.

Next, a vicious attack by an unlikely assailant. I drove to Sonic after dinner for a simple Reese’s blast, placed the order, waited for the carhop like a normal person but apparently I did something to offend the carhop because as she gave me change, something started raining down on top of me as if she had thrown the change. After getting a grasp of not only reality but the situation, I saw a confused carhop looking at me as though I belonged in a straight jacket. I look down and to my surprise I see my attacker, a small grasshopper. I explained to the carhop what I thought had happened and she laughed saying, “ Oh, I would never do that.”

Lastly, as I pulled into my driveway, recovering from the shock of my near-death experience, when I see a small animal sitting in the tree above me. It’s not unusual to see a possum in Kansas, but never had I seen one climb a tree and sit staring at me. It could have been planning its nightly raid on the trash can or plotting my death, after noticing the grasshopper from earlier failed his mission, so I ducked inside, avoiding the animal, thus concluding my strange day.


  1. Remember to write in third person, not first!

  2. This day was a series of weird events! Haha! Good piece, it kept my attention throughout. I also like the humor and sarcasm packed throughout the response to everything you were witnessing. Very good humorous piece.