Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Series of Unusual Events in an Afternoon

On September 19 the day started as normal as any other, but there were many unusual things that happened in the afternoon while I was driving. The first of these happened after a long day of classes. As I was driving home from Washburn I saw a guy jogging. It may seem normal to see a guy jogging on the side walk on a nice afternoon, in sports shorts and no t-shirt. What makes this exercise so odd you may ask, the fact that he had no shoes on. I did a double take as I drove by this guy jogging to make sure I was not mistaken. He must have tough soles.

After dinner I thought a Sonic blast sounded enjoyable, so I drove around the corner and down the street. I pulled up to the blvd. location and placed my order for a Reeses blast. When the carhop came out to deliver my order, I gave her my payment. As she collected my change, something hit me. Something physically hit me, I though she tried to hand me my change and dropped some coins. This was not the case. I was attacked by a grasshopper at Sonic. I told the carhop what I had thought happened and she replied “Oh I would never do that”. Of course I didn’t think she would have done it on purpose, but she went back to work and I started for home.

As I pulled into my driveway something scurried past the headlights. Turns out my neighborhood doesn’t just have fox and bunny rabbits, but we have possums too. I’ve had my fair share of possum sightings, but this one did something I’d never seen a possum do before. This creature ran over to the tree by the fence and crawled its way up the tree that nearly hangs over my house. It sat up in that tree starring at the headlights, probably planning its way into the trashcan or worse, the house. After a good minute of watching it I ran inside, thus concluding my strange day.

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