Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Team 5 Blog- election

      The 2016 presidential election has brought forth debates among millennials. It is a sensitive subject that often leads to hostile arguments. It seems as if this election has received more attention from millennials than most in the past. Why is this?
      Many will say that this election is overwhelmed with hatred. Those who have different political views are finding it difficult to co-exist. In past elections, the 18-24 year old age group has not been as engaged. Social media has helped changed that pattern.
      For many young adults, this is the first election that they are able to participate in, by casting their vote. It is a new experience.
      Both candidates are heavily involved in social. The millennial demographic was raised in a society that always had a social media presence. That generation utilizes social media apps as a news source. They have instant access to the dialogue and beliefs that each candidate publishes.
      Each published idea is subject to an instant response from the social media world. Without these type of sites, it is reasonable to assume that millennials would not be as interested in the election.
      Another unique feature of this election, is the extreme differences of beliefs. There is a strong presence of racial discussions. Any time there is a conversation relative to race, hostility is bound to exist. There are many claims that Donald Trump is promoting racist tendencies.
      On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has been labeled as a liar. People are disappointed by the choices they have been left with. This type of disappointment makes people bitter, and further leads to more hostile feelings. Millennials are seeking an option that will produce results, and provide a flourishing future.

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