Tuesday, September 13, 2016

L-M-N Assignment (See course schedule)



Create three jeopardy-style questions for each letter (total of 9 questions) and post as a comment to THIS post. 

Deadline: Sept. 22.


  1. 1. Are 15 people going to the play or are fifteen people going to the play?

    2. I'm going to get a navel or naval piercing?

    3. What will the new year bring or what will the New Year bring?

    1. I have a multi-colored bracelet or a multicolored bracelet?

    2. My mother in law came to visit or my mother-in-law came to visit?

    3. My dance recital was on Nov. 2 or on November 2.

    1. I will loan you money or I will lend you money.

    2. I log in to my computer or I login.

    3. He lays on the couch for hours or he lies on the couch for hours?

  2. 1. The first Monday in September.
    2. Something only people who are entitled to a state funeral are eligible for this.
    3. A trademark brand for an all-terrain vehicle.

    1. To get into orbit, a vehicle must be traveling at least 23 times this ratio.
    2. A federal holiday honoring a civil rights activist who was born in 1929.
    3. This group of people were generally born between 1985 and 2000.

    1. The first all-electronic stock market.
    2. The full name for the U.S. space agency.
    3. The idea that everyone with internet connection should have equal access to video, email, photos, etc.


  3. 1. Did he lay on the ground, or did he laid on the ground?
    2. Johnny is going to layoff every employee, or Johnny is going to lay off every employee.
    3. My family lineage is from Tokyo, or my family linage is from Tokyo.
    1. The Democratic Majority Leader is John Doe, or the democratic majority Leader is John Doe.
    2. Jesus Christ is the Messiah, or Jesus Christ is the messiah.
    3. North Dakota is considered to be in the Midwest, or North Dakota is considered to be in the midwest.
    1. I am joining the U.S Navy, or I am joining the U.S. navy.
    2. The party starts at 12 p.m. noon, or The party starts at noon.
    3. I have 6 apples, or I have six apples.

  4. 1. The Senator stopped in Wichita, KS to try out the famous burger place Dempsey's.
    2. The girl layed there as if she was life-less.
    3. I was experiencing flulike symptoms.

    1. City manager Richard Polawski will hold a council meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00 am.
    2. The kid is mentally retarded.
    3. We drove the the midwest heading North.

    1. What will the New Year bring?
    2. Usain Bolt is ranked as the number one choice to win a gold medal.
    3. She had 5 minutes left to make it to work.

  5. 1.You should layoff or lay off him?
    2. I am going to lay down, or i'm going to go lie down?
    3.The woman, or the lady is peculiar?

    1.The boy will be mentally retarded after his severe car crash.
    2.A lot of men's wear or menswear is being purchased at Macy's?
    3.Of course lieutenant general John Smith is strict.

    1.A lot of My naval, or navel is infected?
    2.The Chicago Sun Times, or The Chicago Sun-Times is at its peak?
    3.It happened on August 10, 2016 in North Dakota, or It happened on August 10, 2016 in N.D.

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  7. 1. A term that comes from an Aesop fable in which the lion took all the spoils of a joint hunt.
    2. A person, corporation or government is in this situation if it fails to meet the terms for repayment.
    3. LSD is an acronym for?

    1. This term is celebrated, not said.
    2. This is observed as a festive or political holiday.
    3. The term to describe data about data.

    1. Company whose headquarters is in Vevey, Switzerland.
    2. This term usually refers to a nonprofit, humanitarian organization.
    3. The splitting of the nucleus of an atom, releasing energy.