Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Washburn Review Editing - 1st Shift

     Being an employee for Student Media and the assistant pop culture editor for the Washburn Review has made it convenient for me to complete these required editing shifts. I go in every Tuesday afternoon/evening to assist with production night. The biggest task associated with production night, aside from laying out pages on InDesign, is copy-editing all the stories, cutlines, briefs, etc. 
     The first editing shift I did for MM422 was on Oct. 13. I helped my senior pop culture editor, Kenzie McCoy, in assembling our page on InDesign while copy-editing all of our stories. When copy-editing for the Review it's a relief to know that multiple editors read through the stories; it's not uncommon for someone else to catch a mistake that you accidentally overlooked. Tonight the stories I focused on were "Honey Boo Boo songs brings popularity," "John Green's 'Looking for Alaska' captures public eye" and "Fall break brings students relief and relaxation." I had to apply major edits to one particular story for that issue, which really forced me to exercise my knowledge of AP style. 
     Overall, it was a positive production night/MM422 editing shift that helped me strengthen my copy-editing skills. 

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