Saturday, November 5, 2016

Our GMO'S Good For Society?

It appears  a lot of controversy has arise  over the topic rather GMOs are good to include in our food, plants and animals. In some countries GMOs are completely banned and outlaw  of the production of these chemicals. So what are GMOs? GMOs are a genetically modified organisms that extract the genes that can be duplicated for sales and consumption. I had the opportunity to attend a seminar called Biotech University in Arizona State. This helped me form my own opinions about whether GMOs are suitable for the masses. I will acknowledged that they can be expensive, to continue to produce. However, I think that it should be disclosed on the nutrition facts of rather the product is  part of GMOs or not.  Believe it or not we went to a soybean farm and they said that the vast majority of soy, corn, sugar beat and canola  are genetically modified. Almost all of the those ingredients are included in just about every food. Are GMOs the new wave for creating mass production for food? That's the question i'll leave for your interpretation..


  1. I believe that it is not healthy for us. Other countries have them banned for a reason. But then again the U.S. has to meet the high demand of supply for the people of our country. I believe there are other healthier alternatives that can be reached, it is just the companies will have to divide extra time and money figuring out how they will go about production now, the cost, and so forth that potentially scares them into the cheaper route. Continuing to support GMOs.

  2. I don't think eating anything that has been genetically modified is the best for a persons body. But if it taste good, I'm cool with it.