Thursday, November 3, 2016

Stolen iPad turns bad situation around

Here's another weird tale from the adventures of Kenzie and her boyfriend, Brad.
I keep telling myself, and brad, that I'm going to start a book with quotes from the crazy things that come out of Brad's mouth. He's already told me the book would be a total hit.
One of my favorite quotes from last week while driving by UMKC was, "UMKC smells like butterflies and cherries." What do butterflies smell like? I don't quite know.

Anyways, Brad's Craglist addiction got to the better of him and he bought a very new iPad, for a small amount of money from a guy off of the website.

Turns out, the iPad was stolen from a teacher at the Olathe school district. I convinced Brad to turn the iPad over to the police instead of trying to rip off some other poor sole by reselling it on Cragslist. Brad went into the police station this morning to discuss the issue.

Luck was apparently on Brad's side because he was able to actually find the person who originally sold him the "stolen" iPad on Facebook. This guy was actually dumb enough to have his profile picture be a photo of himself, alongside his fancy car. This guy's license plate was clear as day in the profile picture, so the police were able to track this guy down through his Facebook profile photo.

Brad is excstatic and is hoping that he is able to get his money back once the police get ahold of the iPad thief. I'm waiting to hear back from him later this evening to hear the results of his eventful morning.


  1. This is a bizarre story, I wouldn't have expected it to turn out the way it did. It appears as a case of CSI or Mystery Files. You definitely did the correct thing by recommending Brad to turn the iPad into the police. In terms of this wild manhunt to capturing the guy down, I would love to know what comes about this story.

  2. Wow this is crazy! Luck was definitely on his side! There has been a lot of issues dealing with people selling stolen phones and ipads without the consumer knowing. It is definitely something hazardous and thank God they were able to hunt him down!

  3. Wow I learned an important lesson today, if I'm going to be a thief never upload pictures of myself that make it incredibly easy for the police to locate me. Thank you very much for that.