Thursday, November 10, 2016

Regina's Edit: Headline: Bargain hunter buys stolen iPad

Being addicted to Craigslist comes with its own pitfalls.

 Take for example the local Kansas City man, Brad Smith who bought a very new iPad, for a small amount of money from a guy off of the website. As luck would have it, the iPad was stolen from a teacher in the Olathe school district.

 Instead of repeating the first offense himself, Smith decided to turn the iPad over to the police instead of trying to sell it to someone else. During his visit to the local police department, Smith's luck began to change thanks to social media.

 Thieves should really re-think their social media strategy as Smith was able to actually find the person who originally sold him the stolen iPad on Facebook. Not only could they see his face, but the photo included a photo of his fancy car, which clearly showed his license plate.

License plates are a great tool for police to use when tracking people down. Smith is hoping his money will be returned once the police catch up with the thief.

 New word count: 177 words

 Old word count: 272 words

NOTE: The problem with Kenzie's original story was that it was written in first person. The rule for these blog posts is third person. And, I'm not sure what the first part has to do with the second. To increase this length, I would focus more on other things Brad bought on Craigslist. Give us a sense of his addiction.

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