Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Education is not always knowledge

The first 18 years of life for most people are filled with constant schooling. If lucky, some get the opportunity to go to college. The education system is built on tests, and the end of the semester means it is about that time again.

Everything that students supposedly learned throughout the course of a class must be proven on a scantron. Quickly after all the answers are bubbled in, the mind releases itself from all the memorized facts learned the night before. Education has become something people pursue because society says so.

Students struggle to recall what they learn in their courses. They go through the motions.

"I'm in school because I need a job", said Washburn senior, Lauren Conway. "My mom said that people are supposed to go to college."

Finals week causes all students to question why they're in college. An hour long test determines if the student deserves to pass the 4 month long course they just endured.  Education depends on performance on a sheet of paper.


  1. I never can remember what I learned at the begging of the semester.

  2. Lauren Conway is my spirit animal. "My mom said that people are supposed to go to college." Pretty much.