Monday, November 14, 2016

Regina's Edit: Unexpected tip saves night

After a long and challenging night of serving customers at Texas Roadhouse, Brenden Williams was ready to head home. 

Instead he set about cleaning his tables and tried not to let his lousy night of tips impact his mood.

One of his tables was a group who had sat for three hours, drinking and being merry well past closing time. But, they were having a good time and failed to notice the time was flying past.

Williams tried not to think about how much money he missed out on as the group occupied one of his tables all night. Their bill was only $40 total and 20 percent of that was only $8.

As he moved to clear the long-occupied table, Williams looked but did not see a tip on the table. With a sigh he cleaned off the empty beer mugs and wine glasses, scrubbed ranch from the peanut bucket and wiped steak sauce off the menus before he grabbed a broom, ready to sweep up what little trash was left and walk out the door to freedom. 

When he started sweeping the booth, he noticed a folded receipt under the table. He reached down to pick it up and to his surprise, a crisply folded $50 bill sat before him with a wink drawn on the receipt. 

He casually finished sweeping, but his luck had changed and his hope in humanity again soared. At last, he was able to smile as he walked outside into the cool night air.

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