Thursday, November 10, 2016

Waiter Finds $50 Tip Hidden

A waiter at Texas Roadhouse found a $50 tip while cleaning his tables when the store closed Sunday night.

A waiter at Roadhouse had one table that sat for hours, drinking and being merry, but when the doors locked, the group stayed put for minutes more. They were having a good time, and didn't realize the store was closed, and they had been there for three hours. To make up for the time they had taken of the waiters', they had wrapped a receipt around a $50 bill, and since they saw the waiter cleaning his other tables, assumed he would do the same to the table they were sitting at. Their bill was a mere $40 but they had taken up one of the waiter's three tables for so long they felt as though they cost him tips throughout the night. They placed the tip under the table, wrapped in the receipt, where only someone cleaning would find it. They had placed it so it was still easy to find, but hidden so they wouldn't find it until later. The server had only made $40 that night, a slow night for him, and his spirits were down. As he finished his final duties, he remembered he had to clean the table. So as he walked back, he thought they had stiffed him. He cleaned off the empty beer mugs and wine glasses, scrubbed ranch from the peanut bucket and wiped steak sauce off the menus, and finally he grabbed a broom, ready to sweep up what little trash was left and walk out the door to freedom. When he started sweeping the booth he noticed a folded receipt and found it unusual. He reached down and to his surprise, a crisply folded $50 bill sat before him, with a wink drawn on the receipt. He casually finished sweeping, feeling as though his luck had just changed, and felt as though he had hope in humanity again, and walked outside into the cool night air.


  1. What a cool story! I like how they hid it as well! Luckily he was no lazy employee and went to clean that table as well, or he could have missed out if he had skipped any corners.