Thursday, November 10, 2016

Regina's Edit: Headline: GMOs continue to raise questions

A lot of controversy has arisen over the topic of whether GMOs are good for our food, plants and animals. 

In some countries GMOs are completely banned and outlawed. GMOs are a genetically-modified organisms that extract the genes that can be duplicated for sales and consumption. 

Recently, students across the country had the opportunity to attend a seminar called Biotech University at Arizona State University. 

The seminar provided background information that helped attendees form their own opinions about whether GMOs are suitable for the masses. 

It was pointed out that they can be expensive to continue to produce, but some attendees thought nutrition should be the deciding factor when it comes to GMOs.

Attendees toured a soybean farm and learned that the vast majority of soy, corn, sugar beat and canola are genetically modified. Almost all of the those ingredients are included in just about every food. 

Equipped with information, attendees are left to sort out the pros and cons of the GMOs for themselves.

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Regina's Notes:
I'm not generally a fan of using questions in writing. And, again, this was not written in third person. The piece needed a stronger conclusion, and I wrote what I thought might fit. It could definitely be improved upon. 


  1. I love the concept of this article - it is very informative. Make sure to mention that these seminars have been taking place within the first paragraph to alert the audience to what the article is really about. Also, I would love to know a bit more about GMO's themselves in a small blurb towards the beginning of the article.

  2. I agree with you Lisa, since the topic seems to be the seminar itself, the lede and nutgraph should reflect that. Having said that, and having attended said seminar, it was very informative (the seminar) and I was glad to have attended. :)