Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Christmas Mustang

A man surprises his wife on Christmas with a gift she never forget.

It was the christmas of 2005, the brand new redesigned mustang had just been released in the  months before.  A man named kevin was planning to get something special for his wife cindy this year.  

Cindy had always had a love for muscles cars, she drove a 1969 Camaro and a 1971 Plymouth gtx in her younger years.  So when she saw the mustang’s throwback retro look she was in love.

Kevin thought that the perfect gift would be to surprise her with one on christmas.  With the help of Cindys sister Lisa, they got the car a few days before Christmas and stored the car in lisa’s garage.  It was the perfect spot for the big reveal because the whole family was coming over to lisa house for christmas dinner.  

After everyone had arrived, Kevin and lisa convinced the whole family to take a family photo outside in front of the garage, they were cold and not happy about it.  Once everyone was grouped in front of the garage, kevin grabbed their attention by saying “say cheese on the count of 3”.  When kevin uttered the words cheese Lisa open the garage door behind the family revealing the new mustang with a bow and note saying merry chrisms Cindy love, kevin.

-Matt Boland-

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