Thursday, December 1, 2016

Deadly Crash Involving Brazilian Soccer Team

Late Monday, late at night, a charter plane crashed that had aboard some of the Brazilian soccer team and journalists, in all having seventy-seven persons aboard.

The plane reportedly had a fuel problem, and they ended up crashing near Medellin, Colombia in the side of a mountain. During a twelve-minute recording, the pilot said the plane had experienced "total electrical failure," as well.

The theory the plane did crash without fuel was supported by the fact there was no explosion from the impact.
The Chapecoense team had risen in ranks from a scrappy industrial city in Brazil. They would have been heading to the finals of the Copa Sudamericana, one of South America’s most important tournaments.
There were six survivors from the collision. Between the six, three were players, two crew members, and one a journalist.


  1. I saw this online a couple of day ago. I didn't know much about the team, including that they were heading to the finals of a tournament. I also always find it incredible when there are survivors in a plane crash, they are incredibly blessed.

  2. I already hate flying, reading this story did not help, at all.