Friday, December 16, 2016

Car Burgled at Night - Revision

 On the night of Oct. 21, a burglar vandalized a young woman’s car.

The woman was always proud of the fact she remembered to lock her car, but on this day she was in a hurry, her tired limbs and foggy mind let slip the thoughts of locking the door.

The next morning she arose to start her car so it was warm for her drive to class. She paid no attention to the empty backseat, forgetting her jackets that usually sat in the back seat. She slowly realized what happened as her phone charger and an old GPS were missing. She then remembered a new shirt, not a week old, that she was waiting to return in the back seat that was missing as well.

She took inventory of her car, assessing the damages. Fortunately there was no damage, the burglar had found a way in without damaging the car.

Regardless of her relief, the woman still felt violated as a stranger had rifled through her belongings. She wondered how someone could go through with such a thing. She also wondered if this were just a one-time occurrence or if her car was checked multiple times a week to see if it were unlocked. Since the incident, the woman has double checked to make sure her car was locked.

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