Monday, December 5, 2016

Stress of the young

The life of someone in their 20's is no longer one of parties and fun. Stress has become the one thing that everyone has in common.

Society tells young people that they constantly need to be working for the next goal. College graduation is a time when this is really emphasized. With Fall graduation less than two weeks away, many students are feeling overwhelmed.

There are loans, job interviews and life plans haunting them. There is also a desire to keep up with peers. If a friend accomplishes something, it becomes a competition of  you can achieve success first. Mary Jane, a senior at the University of Houston, does not feel like she has time to truly enjoy herself during her senior year.

"All I can think of is what I'm going to do after I walk the stage," said Jane. "I need a job and money. I need a life.

Depression for young adults is at an all time high. Some professors are becoming concerned about the well-being of their students. Lauren Caldwell, a philosophy professor at the University of Houston, can see the stress in her student's eyes.

"Throughout the years, my students have become more and more overwhelmed," said Caldwell. "It's sad how caught up they are into the future."

As time continues to pass, It is reasonable to wonder if young people will live their lives in a stressed state of mind.

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  1. I think its very important for people our age to set aside times that are just for themselves. A time to do what ever makes them happy.