Thursday, December 8, 2016

Millennials succumbed in pop culture (Jordon Revision)

Pop culture has been infused into millennial. But are millennial heavily consumed by it?

There is a constant buzz of “who is wearing what” or “dating who.”  Pop culture is defined by music, fashion, celebrity and technology. Let’s be honest, with the release of the iPhone 7, millennial will more than likely be the largest consumer.

Some stars have taken advantage of their position in pop culture to widen their business ventures. You can see Kim Kardashian has taken advantage by promoting her raunchy KIMOJI’s and Kanye West releasing his clothing and shoe line. They know in this age and time, they have a lot of followers.

Pop culture is additive and mesmerizing for the egotistical, tech savvy generation. It may have abducted our millennial!

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