Thursday, December 8, 2016

Revision-Waiter finds $50 tip hidden

Server Finds $50 Tip

Sunday evening a Texas Roadhouse server cleaned his tables and found a $50 tip.
A server at Roadhouse had one table that sat for hours, drinking and conversing. When the doors locked, the group stayed for an extended amount of time. They didn't realize the restaurant had closed and they had been there for three hours. To compensate the server for his time, they had wrapped a receipt around a $50 bill. They saw the server cleaning his other tables and assumed he would find the tip while cleaning their table. The bill was a mere $40, but they had taken up one of the server's three tables for so long they felt as though they cost him tips throughout the night. They placed the tip under the table where only someone cleaning would find it. It was still easy to find, but hidden so they wouldn't find it until later. The server had only made $40 that night and his spirits were down. As he went to clean the table, he thought they had stiffed him. He cleaned off the empty beer mugs and wine glasses, scrubbed ranch from the peanut bucket and wiped steak sauce off the menus. When he started sweeping the booth he noticed the folded receipt. He reached down and to his surprise, a crisply folded $50 bill sat before him with a wink drawn on the receipt. He casually finished sweeping, feeling as though his luck had just changed. He had hope in humanity again.

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  1. I love heartwarming stories like this. While I think there could have been more paragraph breaks, I thought the story read well enough. Crazy story. I remember when I was delivering pizzas for an Olathe Pizza Hut.

    There was a particular delivery with five pizzas. When I took them up to the door and knocked, the home owner answered and seemed rather confused. It didn't take long for both of us to realize that it was a prank order.

    I took the pizzas back and forgot about the ordeal. The next day, my manager told me the homeowner found out their kids had prank called from a friends house. The homeowner promptly took their kid's monthly allowance from them to pay for the prank ordered pizzas and gave me a rather nice tip. I forgot the exact amount, but it was well over 15 dollars.