Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Society pressures millennials to pursue college education (edited)

Our current society is so immersed with the status quo of graduating and going to college, then finding a job and having a family. What about taking an alternative route to what the  evolution of life is?

Many young adults are contemplating instead if college is for them. They consider if they should continue to pursue their four-year degree and incur a large amount of debt, or carve their own way to success by becoming an entrepreneur or pursuing a trade school.

Students in school are feeling the pressure of pursuing an education. Recently, with the end of the semester approaching, many students  have been sprawled out in the library with papers scattered all over the table, and study rooms are booked up and many students are starting to pull all-nighters in the library.

What if all of these efforts are in vain - after all, are we really promised we will find a job after college? Society pressures us to go to college, incur debt and then make us work like a slave to pay it off and still manage to live our daily lives.

The pressure of achieving a college education is definitely on and at its peak. Only in due time will we see if our college education will continue to be the route many millennials, or the next generation, pursues. 

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