Friday, December 9, 2016

Seniors loaf over the end of their basketball term (Group 5 Revision Alyxis)

Many seniors are feeling he sorrow of this being their last season of basketball at Washburn University.  Playing basketball is more than the sport, its a bond and camaraderie that is formed with the teammates that makes the sport even more enriching.

Basketball is more than making a 3-point shot, or more than making the final score before the buzzer rings. It encompass  a lot of preparation. The majority of basketball athletes have specific assigned  times to hit the gym,  as well as study sessions all while maintaining their daily lives.

As players reflect on the their last few months as a Washburn athlete, "This will be the first and my last basketball soon to be last game. It's very much sad when you think about it" said Alyxis, senior starter on the women's basketball team.

This has become a pivotal moment for many senior athletes who will be graduating this year. It's very much clear that we will be losing some of our best athletes, but the memories and legacy will remain on the court and in our hearts.

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  1. I'm not usually a sports person, but I like how this article humanized the players. Be sure to keep it in third person and don't use "we" as it is supposed to be more of a news story. You could replace it with "Washburn" or "WU Sports."