Thursday, December 8, 2016

Car burgled at night

On the night of Oct. 21, a woman’s car had been entered by burglars while she slept.

This woman is adamant about locking her car every time she steps away from her vehicle, but this day she must have forgotten. Saturday Oct. 22, she used remote start on her car because there was a chill in the air. As she locked the door to her house, she used the remote to unlock her car. The woman went to the back seat to put her bag and drawing pad there for transport to the Washburn Campus. She didn’t think anything of it when the back seat was empty, but when she closed the door she noticed the papers and napkins on the front passenger seat. She instantly knew what had happened; someone broke into her car in the middle of the night. Then she remembered the two jackets she kept in the back seat, they were no longer there. She took inventory of the rest of the cars’ contents, the only other things that seemed to be missing were a charger converter and an old Magellan GPS device. Then she remembered she had a new t-shirt in the back seat, which she had intended to exchange for a larger size. With the missing contents tallied she searched the car for damage. The front passenger door was not closed all the way, but other than that there were no damages to be reported. This led the woman to believe she might have forgotten to lock her car the previous night. While there were no damages, the woman felt violated because someone had rifled through her car. She thought, how often do strangers walk up to her house to check if her car is unlocked for an easy thieving? Or was it a one-time coincidence that the one night she forgot to lock her car, someone stole her belongings? Since the incident she double checks her car to make sure it’s locked and she no longer keeps anything in the back seat.


  1. There have been a pandemic of sorts in Topeka recently with car break-ins.

    I, too, had a break-in a month or so ago. I left my car unlocked and upon re-entering it the next day, I saw my whole glove box open and on the seat and floor. I didn't have anything of value in the car and I don't think anything was stolen. I'm sure the thief was upset at that.

    Either way, I did feel a little violated and I now take extra care to insure my car door is locked.

  2. Oh, i'm sorry to here that. I was double and triple checking that i had locked it for a while. It's not as bad now.