Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is knowledgde gained through education (Revision of Rizzy's)

An individual’s first 18 years of life is mostly spent at school. If lucky, some get the opportunity to attend college. The education system is built on tests. In order to move on, you must pass.

Everything that students are taught in a course must be proven on a scan Tron. Some students struggle to keep up in class, so they go through the motions. Quickly forgetting the answers to a test as soon as the student

Education has become something people have to pursue for society has put such a great emphasis on education.

“I’m in school because I need a job,” said Washburn senior Lauren Conway. “My mom said that people are supposed to go to college.”

Finals week is the week students are quizzed on everything they learned in that course. This showing education depends on performance on a sheet of paper.

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  1. The beginning paragraph reads a little choppy and there is a period missing in the second paragraph.