Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Music for a Reason

Christmas spirit is a powerful force, usually the best way to get infected by it is the season's first snowfall, spending time with family or listening to Christmas music. Marketing companies know this and take advantage of it by playing Christmas music earlier every year. For employees who work in retail, the ever growing realization that Christmas music sucks is becoming much more apparent every day.

Liandro Rodriguez a vendor for Coca-Cola works at different stores around Topeka every day. He mentions how every store playing the same songs over and over again is ruining Christmas for him. "Yea I'm starting to realize how much Christmas music sucks, a good song can be played during anytime of the year because it enjoyable. Not Christmas music, you have to wait until a certain time of the year to listen to it because any other time it would be unbearable. Even then it gets incredibly annoying," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is not the only one to voice what he believe is an "unpopular" opinion. Other store employees are taking action to combat early Christmas music by turning down the volume in their stores. "Yea I sneak into my bosses office and turn down the radio volume everyday I'm working. I got written up twice already and could get fired if he catches me doing it again, but I don't care," said Mark Price a local Dillon's cashier.

Though there are some who defend the music, such an example would be Santa Claus. "Christmas music embodies Christmas in every way possible, if it weren't for me striking up a deal with radio companies to play the songs earlier very year, I wouldn't have enough money  to go to Cabo every New Years," said Claus.

Whether Rodriguez truly has a valid point or not, the fact of the matter is that Christmas music is playing earlier each year. Whether you are for it or not, let's take the time to be grateful for what really matters this Christmas season. That of course is free shipping and handling on any Amazon order over $50 starting December 12 through December 22.

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  1. I agree Liandro. I hate Christmas carols. Carols are permissible, like Dec. 20 through Dec. 26. No more.