Sunday, September 20, 2015

Attending TechWeek

After talking to Olivia about TechWeek in Kansas City I decided it might be worthwhile to travel to Kansas City to go to their hiring fair Thursday night. While their hiring fair was really small, and Cerner wasn't even there, I had a good time. More companies seemed interested in getting my resume than at the Washburn Career Fair. I got to talk to Garmin! I really would love to work at Garmin because I would love to live in Olathe. But then who wouldn't want to work at Garmin? They took my resume and I got the recruiter's email. I should probably touch base with her, but I have been really, really busy. I haven't even unpacked my goodie bag. 

I also talked to a guy from a company called Valorem, which is a consulting firm. They do have copywriting positions! The recruiter was really friendly and vibrant! I got his card and we connected on LinkedIn. I sent him a follow up message on Friday because he mentioned something about coming to visit their office when I talked to him in person, but I have yet to receive a response... But it was Friday when I messaged him. 

I also talked to a tech company called DST, they were very nice and took my resume. They said they have some jobs related to the instructional design work I do at se2, but they do not have copywriting positions. I was impressed by their friendliness (as you may know not all recruiters are friendly). 

I talked to National Insurance Association (or something like that) and they told me they have some internships open. I am working two internships and a part-time job now... no more internships for me thanks. 

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