Sunday, September 20, 2015

Career Fair Experience

I had an alright experience at the career fair. I got an interview with Payless. Other than that I didn't get any new job leads. I think the best approach at a career fair is to know which companies you want to talk to beforehand and research what openings they have. The employers kept telling me to go on their website to look at their openings, like I didn't already know that. Except Hills... they gave me a nice CD with company information AND a link to their company website. Jeez Hills, what are you thinking? Most students don't even have computers with CD-ROM drives.

I really wanted to talk to some Kansas City companies. I saw Trans Am was there... but I already know 2 weird guys that work there so I decided to pass. My team blog post might have been a little bit biased, but I would be very surprised if I was the only student that felt disappointed big companies skipped over Washburn. Career Services mentioned many students live in Topeka and have families in Topeka and want to stay in Topeka. Uhm, okay, market to the non-traditional students. Honestly, if I were a freshman or a prospective student and I knew this attitude, it might dissuade me from attending Washburn. Sometimes it is really discouraging when I look at companies like VML and see the majority of their employees are from Mizzou... Are they really getting a better education over there or is it just a brand name? Also, they are a much bigger school so I suppose it stands to reason they have more grads to hire. 


  1. There were a lot of AP style issues, but it has potential. Damn you Hills! Haha. Good work though.

  2. "I saw Trans Am was there... but I already know 2 weird guys that work there so I decided to pass." I wouldn't use ... like that and I would switch 2 to two.