Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Michaela in the making

Hey Everyone!

My name is Michaela Olberding and I am a junior this year at Washburn University. I'm majoring in mass media with an emphasis in public relations and minoring in psychology. I want to be an event planner after I graduate. I am currently the social chair for Delta Gamma which keeps me busy  making fun t-shirts and planning formal/social events with other chapters. I'm from Abilene, Kansas, which if you know where that is it's probably because you took a field trip to the Eisenhower Museum when you were younger. I have two younger sisters. Mallory is a freshman this year at Washburn University and Shiann will be starting the 8th grade. I'm excited to be entering the upper level classes because that means I'm getting that much closer to graduating!

I don't have very much editing experience. My senior composition teacher covered grammar guidelines and made us review parts out of a grammar book. It's been three years, but I'm sure once we get started some of the rules will come back to me. I'm optimistic about learning new rules!

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