Thursday, August 20, 2015

Journalist oddly looking forward to to editing class

My name is Trevin Edelman. I absolutely love being a journalist, whether it is television news, radio reports or articles for print. I live to inform the people of the world. While most of my efforts go toward being a sports journalist, I still have a spot in my heart for anything that informs audiences.

I am from Sabetha, Kansas, which is one hour away from Topeka. Sabetha High School had no opportunity for journalism when I was attending, so I took a job at the local newspaper. The experience I gained from this job jump-started my career. I am forever indebted to the staff at the Sabetha Herald for the gig.

I feel a bit weird as I actually enjoy learning the correct way to edit. It's probably my weakest skill, leaving plenty of room for growth. I am looking forward to growing with all of you in this area throughout this semester.

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