Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Editing at the review round 2

Monday I completed my final shift at the review. I found the experience to be kind of boring. I know newspaper journalism is something I would never want to do for a career (not because of this experience, but it just isn't for me). 

After reviewing my work from the time I spent writing for a Greek newspaper at K-State, I too wrote about meaningless things and used my friends or friends of friends for quotes. But I don't think that's great journalism and I see a lot of the things I once did occurring in the review. My biggest criticism of the Review is the fact the same people seem to give quotes weekly and it is because the author knows them. The views don't necessarily reflect what is being said in the article and the people being quoted don't really seem to disagree either. The people the newspaper quotes don't have much of an opinion. Many of the quotes seem to be from apathetic, uninformed people. Truthfully, if people were randomly selected to give their opinion on the topics at hand the same apathy would be present, but I think more opinionated people would offer more compelling quotes. 

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