Thursday, November 5, 2015

Interviewing with Security Benefit

I decided it would be good practice to participate in Mock Interview day at Washburn because as December nears I still do not have a job. There is a marketing position open at Security Benefit that I have had my eye on and applied for back in July, but Security Benefit has not contacted me for an interview. I spoke with someone in human resources and she suggested I re-apply for the position. After doing so two weeks ago, I still have not heard anything. (For those of you who don't know, I currently work for se2 - Security Benefit's child company). I saw that Security Benefit was going to be at Mock Interview day so I decided if they were not going to call me for an interview, I would call them.

In the Mock Interview I met with Jennifer Purvis, the VP of Human Resources for Security Benefit. The ladies on my team at se2 work frequently with Jennifer and my direct report Anne mentioned Jennifer was a bit intimidating so I was not sure what to expect in the interview.

When I went in to the interview I explained how I work with the instructional design team and she said she was familiar with some of the work I have put together. Having a lot of common ground with Jennifer really helped me set the stage for my interview. She explained she might stop and coach me throughout the interview, but we got through all of the questions and she said I did a great job and all of my answers were spot on with what she was looking for. She told me she would check in to the status of my application for the marketing position and would follow up with me.

Overall, I thought Mock Interview day was a valuable experience but I thought the questions were kind of easy. Two weeks ago I had a mock interview with Career Services and they asked me the same questions, so I was pretty well prepared for everything Jennifer asked me. I also think I did well because I know a great deal about Security Benefit after having worked within the company for a year. 

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