Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Session 2-Washburn Review

My second session at the Washburn Review was actually yesterday, Nov. 23. Katie Wade printed out five stories for me to edit during my session. This time I felt more confident in what I was doing and didn't have to double check all of the corrections that I made to the articles. The article that stuck out to me the most was the one written about Washburn's womens' basketball team. Some of the wording and phrases used were awkward and choppy, while other I thought ran on and on. The thing that stuck out to me the most about this article, as well as in another article that I edited, was that numbers before ten, they had put the actual numeral for. I learned that a long time ago, and it was definitely reiterated throughout the duration of this class, that numerals under ten are spelled out and anything after ten can be in the numeral form. It was interesting editing the basketball article as well as the one dealing with the Kansas Board of Regents. All of the articles that I edited, I found mistakes in and even fact errors. I was actually proud of myself to find errors in the ones that had previously been edited. This class gave me confidence in my editing skills and allowed me to be able to make corrections without second guessing myself. I honestly look forward to when I have to edit something again. Because, I'll actually have a grasp at what I'm doing.

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