Saturday, November 7, 2015

Mock Interview Day (Extra Credit)

     After Duane Williams spoke to our class about Mock Interview Day, I knew I wanted to participate. This is my final year at Washburn and since I'll soon be faced with the task of finding a job I need to sharpen my interviewing skills.
     I was supposed to interview with a representative from Blue Cross Blue Shield at 2 p.m. However, they ended up having an emergency and couldn't be present. As a replacement I was interviewed by an employee from the Center for Student Success.
     I thought that my theatre background would help decrease my nervousness, but it didn't. The questions he asked were more extensive than I expected and covered a wide variety of topics. I felt like most of my answers were suitable, but there were a couple answers that I want to improve on for the real interview. The question I really stumbled on was when he asked me what my ideal internship would look like.
     My current plan is to keep improving my skills, experience and resume. I'd also be very interested in participating in a few more "mock" interviews before graduation in May. 

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