Thursday, November 12, 2015

Michaela Olberding Washburn Review editing shifts

On October 26th and 28th I went to the Washburn Review to help copy-edit a couple articles. When I went to the Washburn review I learned how to copy-edit articles from experienced and beginner writers.

In the first session, I was given an article about new changes that were being made to Youtude. When I first read the article I found that there a couple of mistakes. The first thing that I had noticed were many quotes that was not important information. If an article has too many quotes it could lose the reader. Another mistake that I was seeing was the writer did not have quotes by themselves, which was an easy fix.

In the second session I was given an article that was about the perks and disadvantages about living on or off campus. This article was written by a beginner writer so there were many mistakes. The first mistake that I noticed was run-on sentences. Also. the sequence the writer displayed the information needed to be moved around to make the article easier to read.

I think that writers forget is to explain thing clearly in their writing. Many times when reading the two articles I was not sure what something was. The article should be clear enough so that someone that doesn't attend Washburn can understand it.

Overall, I think that editing for The Washburn Review helped me practice the new editing skills that I have learned through our Editing class. Editing different articles by myself has helped me gain confidence in my editing skills.

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