Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Editing at the Review

Yesterday I spent two hours at the Review editing six different stories.

For some reason, my expectations for the stories I was going to edit were low. I expected to be marking all over the page and writing several revision notes. To my surprise, they really weren't that bad. Of course there were the typical grammatical errors here and there and some continuity issues, but I only edited one story that I felt was completely out of whack and needed to be restructured.

I enjoyed the variety of stories that I edited, too. I read stories about the Finding Nemo sequel that is coming out soon, studying tips for finals week, a feature on a Washburn artist, etc. The people in the office were friendly. I had a nice conversation with a girl (I forget her name) about how she really appreciates us coming to help them edit because not all the people that work at the Review are strong editors and they all have a lot on their plate already. It gave me a better perspective on what goes in to making the Washburn Review happen.

Even though editing can seem like a mundane task, it's definitely an experience I'm glad to have under my belt to help me in my future career.

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