Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Preparing for the future (mock interview) extra credit

I am currently enrolled in the career portfolio class. I think this class is great for seniors. It really prepares you for what is about to happen or what is currently happening to you.

In the class we get assigned to go to the mock interview day, which some students went and some others get assigned a person who works for an organization and they do a mock interview with them. Dr. Stover sends some of the graduating seniors information from a higher up in a company that you are interested in.

Then it is on the student to contact the person and set up time, date and place. We created a mini portfolio to bring with us and an evaluation for the interviewer to fill out. In the mini portfolio there are samples of your work and resume and whatever else you think is important.

I went to Advisors Excel and had my mock interview with Angie from the creative department. I was nervous but I think I ended up doing pretty well. I think this experience is great and it wasn't crazy stressful walking into a room with a couple people talking to you like in real interviews. I felt comfortable and confident.

This class really prepares you for the next steps in your career. I am glad they made it a requirement. I know people don't want to go to the career fair or mock interview day, but looking back I am glad they had it as an assignment. I made connections had more interviews for practice and landed a part- time job with a company I like and want to work for when I graduate.

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