Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Session 1-Washburn Review

My first shift for editing at the Washburn Review was on Oct. 26. Eric helped log me on to the online website where they edit the potential upcoming stories. There weren't many stories to edit while I was there, so he just gave me one article. I edited a story about YouTube Music and the new implementations YouTube is making to its brand. I was honestly surprised about how grammatically incorrect the article was. I'm not sure if it had been edited before I had a chance to look at it or if it was the first draft, but it was such an interesting site to see. I think there was a lot of confusion on quotes within the article and how to properly format that. Also, when I was reading each time there were quotations around a word or sentence, the would end with the punctuation outside of the quotation marks. From this class, I am completely aware that it was an editing no-no.  There were other punctuation errors here and there. Overall, it was a very informative article that took a lot of work to fix.

This was toward the middle of semester that I edited at the review for the first time. It was difficult remembering everything I had been taught, so it took me longer than I had anticipated. Other than that, I enjoyed editing and honestly, finding the mistakes. It made me feel as though the lessons I learned in this class were finally starting to click.

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